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Time-critical logistics can be very useful

Time-critical logistics can be very useful- particularly in unprecedented times like the pandemic. As a result of COVID-19, the world has changed a lot. Healthcare and healthcare systems were significantly impacted. Global consumption and logistics were also affected. During the pandemic, the worldwide supply chain was strained causing critical shortages all around the world. Things like masks, medicines, and specialized machinery required immediate transportation. Logistics managers had to deal with situations that they had never experienced before. As a result, they were pushed to find faster and safer solutions to transport important merchandise.

Some logistics managers have never heard of Hand Carry Service or On Board Couriers Service (OBC). At Zenkor International, these services mean that as soon as a request is received, we arrange the entire schedule from material pick-up to delivery in about fifteen minutes. Regardless of location (Frankfurt to Guadalajara, Osaka to Texas, etc.), Zenkor International arranges the entire logistics plan in about 15 minutes. That means the companies involved can rely on dedicated service where a courier is dispatched with the material on the next commercial flight. Once a courier arrives at the destination country, duty taxes are paid at the airport, and the merchandise is delivered directly to the customer. This means that there is no waiting time during material transport- unlike with regular cargo shipment. There are no computer systems that need to be updated with Zenkor International's OBC service. You receive a dedicated courier with a unique itinerary designed to deliver materials as quickly as possible. Additionally, Zenkor International staff are available 24/7 to provide you with updates on the location of your materials at any time during transit.

At Zenkor International, we are proud to assist in solving time-sensitive issues like sanitary supply shipments during the pandemic. We can help you solve your critical solutions too. We have substantial experience working with the automotive, manufacturing, and aerospace sectors; however, we have worked with other sectors and have the ability to assist clients in whatever industry they may operate. We are happy to partner with our clients to solve their problems- no matter the product or the destination. Let Zenkor International solve your time-sensitive logistical problems.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Zenkor International is a Mexican company with offices on 3 continents so that we can be near to our clients and provide them with safe, prompt, and reliable service.

For quotations or any questions, please contact us directly at:


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